Drop In Service

Lauren k9 dog training service also provide a drop in service if your away on holiday or even out for the day. This service is great for someone you can trust to pop in to see and how your beloved pets. All animals are welcome (Cats, Rabbits, Tortoise, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Dogs and Puppy).. This service include cleaning out hutches, litter trays, feed, medicate and even a walk.

 This service is £10 per drop in and walks are free.

 2 drop in per day £15, deals are also available for holidays prices

Drop in service is great if you need someone to pop in to make sure your puppy is happy and healthy while your away or doing long hours at work. I will make sure your puppy has enough food and water. To make sure your puppy doesn't go through stress and anxiety daily visits are a great way for someone to come into your home, check up on your furry family member and making sure everything is under control. Your puppy will get some TLC  which is always a great bonus. The best part is that you will have peace of mind knowing your puppy walk is safe and their health and welfare is not compromised because of your schedule. Your puppy will also get a 25 minutes walk and stretch their legs.

While I am looking after your pets you will get a daily check in with photos on how your pet is so its less worrying for you while your away.  So at least you will know that your pet/pets are safe and healthy.

 Lauren K9 Dog Training Service