Dog Training / Puppy training

I'm happy to work with you and your pet on specific area of obedience and behaviour and management. Lauren K9 Dog Training Service provide private 1 to 1 training session for your puppy or dog in a safe and comfortable environment of your home, As well as public parks or open spaces that are local to you for a better result for the training session. It will be stress free for you and your precious pet. Lauren K9 Dog Training Service is here to guide you step by step on your journey to a happier dog. All training methods are positive reinforcement using treats.

When end of training has been completed will receive a certificate.

All breeds and ages are welcome

Lauren K9 Dog Training Service provide puppy training sessions to encourage good behaviour into adult hood. Puppy training ranges from toilet training, lead training, basic training ranges from teaching your puppy to sit, lie down and wait and recall training and socialising.

2 hour session is £45 and 1 hour session is £30

In term of dog obedience training it is difficult to advice you on the best training for you  and your fury friend without seeing their behaviour first. Therefore I will ask that I meet with you to understand your dog behaviour problems. I will be able to go from there to discuss the best training method for your pet 

 Lauren K9 Dog Training Service

Specific area of training.....

  • Adult and rescue training
  • Anxiety or fear issues
  • car training e.g travling and car manners
  • Toilet issues e.g toilet training
  • puppy training
  • basic training
  • Aggression behaviour e.g people, dog, food, medication  given and grooming and also dominance
  • lead training e.g aggression on lead, pulling, jumping up and bitting
  • Clicker training
  • mixing problems