Lauren K9 Dog Training Service

Vet Transport

I also run a vet service

 I transport to and from vets given you advice and information provided by your own vets.. Instructions on medication if needed. I hold a full driving licence and your pet will be transport in my car in a dog crate to reduce any stress on your pet. Does your pet needed a routine check up or an emergency doctors appointment. I will accompany your pets to the vets in the local area in Surrey and East Sussex I will pick up your pet even if you're absent and escort your loved one to your preferred veterinarian in your local neighbourhood. This service is useful for pet owners in various scenarios, we all have busy lives and sometimes being in multiple places can be difficult to manage. I'm happy to come to your home and comfort them while doctors attends to their needs.. If you prefer we can drop off your furry family member and pick them up at a later date if the appointment is longer.

Does your pet needed a routine check up


Veterinary transportation starting = £5 and additional £1 per dog

Accompanying them in the appointment = £4